Let's get started! Course includes materials list and four videos,

featuring a total of 90 minutes of solid instruction.

Hi, I’m Mary Ann!

Welcome to Art & Soul School! I've been an artist for ever 20 years, having taught myself through classes very much like the classes you'll find right here. But you know what? I always feel like a beginner.

We'll be working mostly in mixed media, but I'm always taking fun and crazy detours in my art journey, and I'll take you right along with me!

Want to learn how to paint looser? That's been my goal for awhile now--to break out of the constriction of the defined line, so let's bust loose together! All classes are for all levels, and you can always change your mind thanks to my 30-day guarantee.

Remember--your classes never expire! I'm so happy you're here at Art and Soul School. WELCOME.

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"The Sorrowing"

Step-by-step instructions for this course.